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Pony vectors are magic
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Here's an awesome thing, I'm going to be graduating from High School in less than two weeks. I know I may not be as excited as some people at the moment but I know I will be more excited when I actually graduate!

Also, for about the past 2 months I've been helping work with an up and coming indie game company on a video game. There's not much else I can actually say other than I'm collaborating with someone to make the music for it. :D

Other news include a request that I am working on that's been taking WAAY too long to finalize. xD

Maybe I should also talk about the fact that my friend keep promising and promising to me and he swears he'll be able to take my brother and me to BronyCon, which I really hope he pulls through with because last year's BronyCon was awesome so if I get to go again that would be even more awesome and I'm looking forward to being able to play my guitar for everypony there. (I've been learning to play a few pony songs on guitar.)

I'm also 3 episodes behind on MLP because I'm too lazy to watch them on YouTube and have another source I download them from and they haven't gotten them last time I checked.

Edit: Just watched the last of the episodes of season 4 and wow I was left speechless. That finale!

So to save more vector art related updates and such for last, I should probably start making vector art some more again and I'm not sure if I'm going to just do standard stuff or both standard and backgrounds. I do like making backgrounds, they're very tedious to make though depending on the complexity of what it is you're vectoring. To give an estimate I'd say the chance of me doing vector art will be a lot higher after I graduate because I'd have so much more time to do things. I mean, not like I already have enough time seeing as I'm home schooled. but seriously the MLP-Vectorclub group has a time limit thingy and if I don't submit vector art after 6 months then I might be removed from the group so I'd rather stay in than to have to re-add myself. xD


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United States
My BronyNet Profile:!/profil…

I like to make Vector art and work on music, I'm more into making instrumentals when it comes to music. Oh and I can somewhat work with Adobe After Effects, although I'm better with Sony Vegas.

Check out my YouTube Page!
(Dipi11 was taken on YouTube so it's ALDipi11)

My Soundcloud:

If you wanna add me on Steam, Here's my profile.

I'm typically more of a shy-ish person, Mainly because of my aspergers disorder, but I'm a pretty cool person once you get to know me. I have a lot of skill with computers and certain things on computers, good at Photoshop, good at making music, and a whole lot of other things...

And of course, I'm a brony.

I'm not much for long bios.

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